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Heidi Hays Jacobs made some valid points - we need to teach to our students future and future jobs, not the world as it is today. She is worried about our country's lack of forward thinking as far as education goes. nwhite

Wow, I just listened to Sun. p.m. session of Heidi Hays Jacobs! She had so many practical applications about making strategic replacements with technology. Some new sites for me were: Visual Thesaurus + Wordle to improve writing skills, Wonderwheel on Google to expand a topic, Curriculum 21 - Clearing House of sites, Gapminder, Facing the Future (free materials on Units of Study). I am a new fan of hers :) nwhite

Join me and atttend the conference Saving the World One Child at a Time with Jeoffrey Canada! It is about children not being prepared for our global community.

Did anyone watch Jensen on Sunday? Someone wrote actually wrote that he was a snooze on Twitter! He had a lot of good points and good brain research, but a bit boring. He just sounded so angry and gave us little hope. Didn't care for that attitude.