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Kyla - Kindergarten
Genius Lesson –– I didn’t use the web for my lesson, but I did focus on becoming good thinkers, good questioning, and enjoying becoming a life long learner. I used Angela’s idea about thinking like a genius. Below is a quick synopsis of what I did with my class.

I asked my kindergarteners what it meant to be genius. They gave an assortment of answers, ranging from being really smart to being helpful.

I then showed them pictures of different geniuses, Einstein, Leonardo daVinci, Mozart, Bill Gates, and an 8-year-old math, science, and musical genius.

We talked about people being genius in many areas; math, science, art, music, computers, language etc.

The kids learned that to be genius we need to learn to be good thinkers and excited learners. To practice being good thinkers we tried to guess what was inside a paper bag (apple) only by the questions we asked. They were so excited and all kids were engaged in what we were doing.

This was so exciting to watch. At first the kids really struggled with the difference between a question and a statement (many tried to guess without any thought). Once the kids started to figure out that a good question could lead to better questions and that those questions could lead to the correct answer.

I really liked this activity because it did level the “playing field” every student started with the same information – nobody was any “smarter” than the others. I can’t wait to put something else in that bag!

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