Diana Byriel- My early attempt at a Learning Now lesson with my 1st grade class. Student share their learning and I document it on a sticky note. Related comments (replies) are stuck together to resemble a discussion thread in a collaborative community.

Tech Integration

Creativity Habitude Lesson

Use this link to find your students Lexile Reading Level. It will open your children to a world of reading (at their level)!
The power of The Lexile Framework is in matching readers to text, no matter where the reader is in the development of his or her reading skills and in examining reader growth. When teachers know Lexile level, they can match their students with the texts that will maximize learning and growth.
Use this link to find appropriate leveled books for your students. The best part about it, is that if finds books that are geared towards their interest!

After our discussion on Friday, I decided to to try a ning for my AP class. It is a private site, so I can hyperlink it, but it seems to be working out well for my students. They are a lot more excited about it than they were with edublogs.